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Happy: Survey concluded 6% of chronic lyme healed 100% with alternative supplementation Apr 26, 2021 14:02:48 GMT -5
Admin: Sorry about that Cliff, usually I check and have been a bit off game, so to speak. Apr 27, 2021 0:10:42 GMT -5
cliffmickelson: I wanted to post the Eulogy I wrote for Charles Holman, One of Morgellons greatest advocates. It's not letting me do so. Suggestions? Apr 27, 2021 20:10:18 GMT -5
Admin: can you send to me and I will post, not sure why you can't, I have some abilities here but not everything, either here as admin or you know my gmail,if you no longer have that let me know and i will send by personal message (pm) at this site. Apr 27, 2021 20:30:22 GMT -5
Admin: will send you my email Cliff, Let's try it that way Apr 28, 2021 10:12:56 GMT -5
Admin: best I could do, don't own or run this site, simply have admined and kept off those that would tear this site apart, Aussie, Thinker and I worked our tails off, so not just to protect my work but those of us that have worked so hard to connect the dots, so Apr 28, 2021 23:28:30 GMT -5
Admin: to speak Apr 28, 2021 23:28:37 GMT -5
Cliff Mickelson: Hello All: I will be back on Rense.com tonight from 7-8 pm (Pacific) Jeff and I will be sharing some important information. Please join us on Rense radio this evening! Apr 29, 2021 16:41:08 GMT -5
Admin: Cliff is on right now, so don't miss it! Apr 29, 2021 21:08:59 GMT -5
Admin: rense.com/general96/nano-machines.php Apr 29, 2021 21:27:40 GMT -5
Admin: I agree, Jeff Rense says this is the last normal summer, or close there of, but something I have been thinking as well. We are going to be done in another year. We will not be here in 2024, it is over! Apr 29, 2021 21:49:56 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: Morgellonizer, a safe effective treatment for Morgellons is now available on eBay. Apr 30, 2021 14:05:37 GMT -5
praisethemosthigh: I recorded a video and want someone to let me know if this is morgellons.. :c Apr 30, 2021 19:03:09 GMT -5
praisethemosthigh: www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0O0WY3RAc0 Apr 30, 2021 19:03:14 GMT -5
Admin: I don't know Apr 30, 2021 20:49:52 GMT -5
To Praisethemost ... No: To Admin: 100% cured by Morgellonizer? May 2, 2021 17:55:57 GMT -5
Happy: To Praisethemost ... No May 2, 2021 18:13:30 GMT -5
aarjay: Hi Folks, I do not have Morgellons disease. In this video Doctor Christiane Northrup at mark 59:04 describes an alpha bath to remove fibers from the skin. brighteon.com/5fc47f25-dab5-472e-aa50-44e19ce141af[/b] Then shower using peppermint soap May 6, 2021 12:09:58 GMT -5
Admin: Pushing in any direction does not usually hold the truth, the truth doesn't have to push ever!!! May 9, 2021 20:16:04 GMT -5
Admin: the Truth just is! May 12, 2021 1:45:20 GMT -5
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