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Ken: Okif this terrible thing was accauly vreated by man madeu prov Mar 3, 2020 4:42:50 GMT -5
Admin: The proof is in the book,"Bitten", you read it if you are really interested! Lyme from long ago was not this virulent. Also the information from the Common Cause Research Foundation of Canada ties it all up with a bow. Mar 3, 2020 19:00:32 GMT -5
Relaxing50: I tried MMS. I took it After my first bout with morgellons. I had severe sickness from it because I was so ill. If you have a spirochete infection it will cause you to have the more serious herx reactions. At first though I slept like a baby for once. Mar 5, 2020 0:27:35 GMT -5
Admin: herxing is a real deal for sure and something you have to keep in mind. It is enough to be killing the spirochetes without dealing with anything else and in fact I've been dealing with something bad and just figured it out, most likely 5 years, but so Mar 5, 2020 0:33:31 GMT -5
Admin: subtle I had a hard time figuring out what it was, had so many things coming at me the last 10 years, I swear if one person makes me sick with anything else. Looking forward to the movie being streamed how about you, finally Mar 5, 2020 0:36:11 GMT -5
my symptoms differ : no itch or crawling sens. but perhaps thousands of bumps or fibromas just uncer my skin beginning 8 years ago and not recognized in ultra sound ..worst of all, is the recent loss of six teeth the last 18 months with 6 more on the way out. Mar 14, 2020 22:09:37 GMT -5
my symptoms differ : i h Mar 14, 2020 22:09:54 GMT -5
my symptoms differ jason dylan: i was gifted with strong enamel rich scotish ancestry teeth. and now this Mar 14, 2020 22:12:05 GMT -5
Admin: take magnesium and chew Xylitol gum it helps to repair teeth as well, go figure Mar 15, 2020 2:42:28 GMT -5
Hello...is this working?: I have Morgellons ...it sucks Mar 20, 2020 0:54:00 GMT -5
Admin: Yes, so the late reply; I've not been well myself. If you need further help go to Charles e holman group at this link: thecehf.org/morgellons-disease-patient-resources/ Mar 20, 2020 17:48:12 GMT -5
Admin: And another: thecehf.org/nursing-advisory-panel/ Mar 20, 2020 17:49:08 GMT -5
Admin: The last link will give you someone to speak with, the CDC still holds to this is delusional, they are delusional and culpable at this point, they were busted last week and many documents seized more to be announced. Crooked as the day is long they are. Mar 20, 2020 17:50:23 GMT -5
Admin: And another contact page (I would do both) sorry it took me so long. thecehf.org/contact-us/ Mar 20, 2020 17:51:11 GMT -5 *
Admin: usually Morgellons sucks and then it gets worse, fact Mar 24, 2020 0:37:18 GMT -5
Admin: Lyme Disease in 43 states from 1992--1998 until it wasn't or they just quit talking and teaching about it. I recall it on 60 minutes in the 80's mind you. Mar 30, 2020 23:36:15 GMT -5
Admin: Bunch of liars no doubt Mar 31, 2020 1:43:35 GMT -5
Admin: The reason I didn't think I had Lyme was because my rash didn't form a bullseye Apr 2, 2020 0:22:31 GMT -5
Admin: but I had a rash and also had Lyme/Relapsing fever Apr 2, 2020 13:14:06 GMT -5
Admin: i"ve placed a video from a guy that explains what it is and why the concern, I'm 12 minutes into it so watch for yourself, excellent info Apr 4, 2020 20:33:01 GMT -5
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