DAC : I got it to. This thing is no joke. attempted to find mortality rate for it. Dec 24, 2019 3:34:31 GMT -5
DAC : Could not find any stats for death toll. Do you know it. Is anyone keeping track of the death rate if there is one? Dec 24, 2019 3:37:35 GMT -5
jmission: That's pretty impossible how long have you had it? Dec 24, 2019 5:18:56 GMT -5
jmission: I dont think there are recorded deaths are there?? Dec 24, 2019 5:19:56 GMT -5
jmission: I have rat read some of the excerpts out of that book and it seems logical I even made an EMP and I'm pretty sure I have an idea of how to destroy the disease itself but I don't know how to make a certain frequency Dec 24, 2019 5:22:37 GMT -5
jmission: I've got this crazy idea but I guess there's a scientist in California that is capable of making what I need Dec 24, 2019 5:23:22 GMT -5
jmission: I'm pretty sure it would work regardless of it being a biological species or a nano engineered chemical I have some pretty interesting stuff Dec 24, 2019 5:25:56 GMT -5
jmission: I try to stay hopeful of a solution because with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction... sometimes it is hard when thinking of this stuff as irreversible fallout from a nano experiment gone wrong. Dec 24, 2019 5:32:47 GMT -5
jmission: But where there is a will there is a way and never give up (rofl) ;) Dec 24, 2019 5:33:52 GMT -5
Admin: No one i know is keeping death toll but we are dying many, this part is weird and counter intuitive, so bear with me, those that have Rh positive blood suffer the least but more likely to die sooner from this crap go figure Dec 24, 2019 23:59:40 GMT -5
Admin: Rh Negatives we suffer the from it and seem to be living through it, and as you pray to die you don't weird Dec 25, 2019 0:00:46 GMT -5
jmission: Sad 🤔 💚 to all lost from this cowardice ailment Dec 25, 2019 0:43:28 GMT -5
Admin: it is so sad, so heart wrenching for so many Dec 26, 2019 15:15:18 GMT -5
Admin: morgellons is caused by bacteria, that some of us have parasites along with does not suggest that this is Morgellons but instead Morgellons weakens the body and the parasites take advantage Feb 4, 2020 0:00:39 GMT -5 *
Admin: jUst like with the EM and the impact upon the immume system, could be what they want to do with 5 G, 5G rolled out in China? After the impact of EM on the pines, the chemtrails, the lack of water, came the pine beetles, Feb 8, 2020 10:51:05 GMT -5
JGM: I am not imagining. I got a 60x magnifier from Ebay and man was I surprised. I see these bright blue and white fibers coming from my hair follicles. Just recently, I now have what feels like sand coming out of my back. I had none of this until chemtrails.. Feb 9, 2020 14:15:37 GMT -5
Admin: I don't think you are imagining it. Yet, just because something is happening in the sky cause it is, no matter what they say. Doesn't mean that it is connected directly to what is happening from your body. I had both things you are speaking of before Feb 9, 2020 15:31:47 GMT -5
Admin: chemtrails Not to say I don't think chemtrails are extremely nefarious Feb 9, 2020 15:32:29 GMT -5
Admin: As Gwen Scott once said, it doesn't matter what you put air, if you place un GMOed, unsweetened, roundup free corn flakes into the air once you add so much it begins to put pressure on those breathing the air to survive, it just adds another toxic burden Feb 11, 2020 17:10:16 GMT -5 *
Admin: have so much being purposely placed upon us rather through vaccines, the water supply, the air, the toxic tv shows, the lack of understanding of what a good relationship is about and not giving the time to the spirit, (God). Feb 11, 2020 17:11:32 GMT -5
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