not quite insane: Mostly Cured - no worries I wont put hand sanitizer in my eyes I was actually confused until I re-read post, thanks! Oct 13, 2014 4:04:28 GMT -5
not quite insane: Just headsup be careful on chlorella pills or products that use cotton on top, the cotton can be infected! I opened a new chlorella bottle and the fibres were sticking out of the cotton thriving!! also mercury/metals excrete from the pores besides urine. Oct 13, 2014 17:06:21 GMT -5
not quite insane: Something to laugh at! A skin specialist was telling me its 'all in my head' as she was saying that a fibre was twirling past her face and it didnt come off me cos I just entered office!! It made me laugh and I walked out, just be strong and live life!! Oct 13, 2014 17:13:53 GMT -5
not quite insane: Ive also found fibres around the tip of the probiotic yogurts above the fruit portion - so again less ways of re-infecting yourself which is d**n hard I tell ya! therefore ive switched to psyllium husk, flora powder + DE and mix between them. Oct 13, 2014 17:18:43 GMT -5
not quite insane: Over 3 times since january 2014 when the fibres, movement, sores get very active I see an image of a 'belushi brother' wearing glasses symbol that appears wherever it is contaminated, curtains, clothing, furniture, debris from skin, even the slugs had it?! Oct 13, 2014 22:29:17 GMT -5
not quite insane: It only got active those times when I stopped using different protocols, after a month on silver I stopped and the organisms multiplied got twice worse+hallucinations, 2nd after 10days I.V antibiotics, the 3rd after I stopped and changed herbal protocols Oct 13, 2014 22:34:12 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: I have chosen an external treatment. The following is all external and applied to the skin. I am not recommending this. It is just a record of the success I have had. Long term effects as yet unknown. Oct 17, 2014 17:31:20 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: Five years ago I eliminated the queen of the black pain givers using benzalkonium chloride. A benzalkonium bandaid on the main neck lesion killed her. Oct 17, 2014 17:34:07 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: The rest of the black walkers died soon thereafter. I found the bodies on my bed sheets for about tow weeks. I have not been aware of a walker since. I still have eight-year-old lesions on my head. Oct 17, 2014 17:37:05 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: These lesions I cannot apply a bandaid to due to hair. Imagine that. I have begun a campaign to eliminate these lesions once and for all. Oct 17, 2014 17:38:39 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: One tablespoon DMSO mixed with six small drops of 50% benzalkonium chloride. This stings and burns infected areas for as long as it is on, which I left for hours. After this, I showered and washed my hair. Oct 17, 2014 17:42:59 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: The results have been very encouraging. The cocooning material is dissolving and coming off at an unprecedented rate. I have also encountered resistance, I awoke yesterday with my hair matted and stuck for the first time in five years. Oct 17, 2014 17:47:02 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: I must have caught one out of the hive. When I applied the mixture this time I used a brush to knock loose bits off my skin. I came away with a brush full of what looked like cotton. I am winning! Oct 17, 2014 17:50:46 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: As you may know by now, the bacteria that infect us are very vulnerable to infrared light. The microscope I employ to verify living organisms uses full spectrum light to illuminate the scene. "The light from the microscope is killing the evidence!" Oct 17, 2014 19:24:26 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: I shall try to employ ultraviolet light to illuminate my microscope. Oct 17, 2014 19:25:20 GMT -5
i am parasite food: Help! I got the parasite eating on me! Oct 18, 2014 17:09:26 GMT -5
not quite insane: During the first part of my condition there was a thunder storm and I could feel my whole body come alive, I went to look in the mirror and there were over 50+ little larvae worms sticking out of my face, I looked like PINHEAD!! some had blue lines on them Oct 19, 2014 18:53:06 GMT -5
not quite insane: But then some had red AND blue stripes reminiscent of colgate toothpaste, however they looked dead? none of them moved or squirmed around, I put some on a bottle lid, went away turned lights off came back and half of them squiggled out of the lid!?? Oct 19, 2014 18:55:58 GMT -5
not quite insane: For tobacco smokers, stop smoking immediately good advice switch to ecigs+eliquids, I found smoking menthol eliquid also stops movement in the body but also helps clear phlegm from throat easier! I now use 0 nicotine dropped from 24mgs. Oct 19, 2014 19:00:49 GMT -5
not quite insane: The eliquid VG (vegetable glycerin)/PG (propylene glycol) both have Antibacterial properties so either making your own eliquid and by adding pure menthol crystals which is what companies do anyway, can also help your system!!! Oct 19, 2014 19:05:01 GMT -5
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