History of Morgellons (Hot Off The Press)!


Dark Streaks: This scary event happened a couple years ago and to date has been a one time occurrence! May 27, 2019 19:39:51 GMT -5
Admin: something similar on the onset as well; also glad it was a one time occurrence. May 28, 2019 20:36:52 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: I am having great success with over the counter wart freeze kits. Use on stubborn lesions. Jun 16, 2019 15:45:47 GMT -5
Wasn't Ready for this.: This is the first active board I have come across. Why are the others so old and unused? Jun 27, 2019 23:39:53 GMT -5
Admin: This one isn't that active and the reason is that many folks just give up, many suicides and our gov that looked like it might do something to help us did a 180 and I just see there back again. Jun 28, 2019 17:40:41 GMT -5
Admin: Also this is monitored by gov agencies to see how far their chilling experiment has gone with this biological warfare agent Lyme Jun 28, 2019 17:41:20 GMT -5
Scary : I need to speak to you Jul 1, 2019 7:28:15 GMT -5
scared: I don't know if I needed to be a member first or if this will show twice . But in really need to speak with you . You will be very interested . Jul 1, 2019 7:42:44 GMT -5
Admin: I no longer speak to folks as my health has deteriorated so much. The best place I can give you to speak to someone would be the nurses at this link: thecehf.org/nursing-advisory-panel/ Jul 1, 2019 9:51:35 GMT -5
suncrystal: I'm thinking that this orgonite pendant may help? www.crystalinsights.net/orgonite-tools/ I found it as a link from the ethericwarriors.com website. Don Croft was the web host - he was recently killed in a hang-gliding "accident." Jul 3, 2019 8:30:04 GMT -5
Admin: True we are first energy and then chemical; problem is most of what you find on the marketplace hasn't much value when it comes to the energy aspect. Probably do more good doing yoga and opening up the lymph glands. One woman went into this to make money Jul 3, 2019 9:01:01 GMT -5
Admin: from energy standpoint and pretty sure it back fired. Course the mind is a powerful thing and if you believe it sometimes it will manifest, entirely up to you Jul 3, 2019 9:02:05 GMT -5
wesley61: I suffer from this disease and the mental effects have become as bad as the physical. I have sores all m over my head,face and back. I made it through stage one which is the worse , I have been trying everything to rid this disease without medical help. Jul 15, 2019 13:32:39 GMT -5
norgtard: www.science.gov/topicpages/m/microscopic+analysis+confirmed.html# Jul 16, 2019 0:13:42 GMT -5
Morgtard: www.science.gov/topicpages/m/microscopic+analysis+confirmed.html# Jul 16, 2019 0:14:14 GMT -5
Morgtard: www.science.gov/topicpages/m/microscopic+analysis+confirmed.html# Jul 16, 2019 0:14:24 GMT -5
Admin: two ways to help with the sores, both are equally important, one if you smoke quit, chew nicotine gum but quit smoking, stop eating sugar as it feeds the Lyme that causes the lesions, drink clean water, air yo Jul 17, 2019 0:03:16 GMT -5
Admin: you breathe is important as is the water you drink and bathe in Soft Water softened with Salt, no GMO's , eat organic, the last things I mention do as you can, Jul 17, 2019 0:04:56 GMT -5
Admin: most docs treating morgellons won't even help a person if they smoke as it is so important to rid oneself of in order to heal Jul 17, 2019 0:05:42 GMT -5
Admin: thanks morgtard for the links, look pretty smart to me:) Jul 17, 2019 0:06:14 GMT -5
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