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not quite insane: New Zealand and yep superfoods are gold I hate broccoli I prefer kale which kind of tastes like cooked broccoli anyways lol.. Sept 14, 2015 21:39:26 GMT -5
morph: Need to poop quick, juice cabbage, might as well, nothing stopping you, or is there. Sept 14, 2015 22:17:57 GMT -5
not quite insane: Oh yeah forgot about cabbage, I love cabbage especially sauerkraut - apparently sauerkraut is good for the belly+gastro.. Havent actually tried juiced cabbage, though would be very beneficial, same as cilantro.. Sept 15, 2015 19:31:09 GMT -5
brocoli: brocoli Sept 17, 2015 12:39:10 GMT -5
crosscountry : i am crosscountry king Sept 17, 2015 12:40:09 GMT -5
easyasabc: 123 for u and me il be there Sept 17, 2015 12:40:34 GMT -5
shhhhhh: 8)happyhapphappy i am shikiera Sept 17, 2015 12:41:15 GMT -5
morph: Seems the children with a vendetta come here to disrupt, pretty normal for small people. Sept 17, 2015 13:57:48 GMT -5
morph: or is it their attempt at humor, lol, you will never be a standup comedian, better get your pencil sharpened, you could be the one giving Trump his endearing quality's. yes in deed. Sept 17, 2015 14:04:35 GMT -5 *
Admin: i'm sorry morph, I certainly didn't mean to offend. Sept 30, 2015 13:42:50 GMT -5
morph: You were not the one that wrote the trash above why appologize? Its the iggots! Oct 1, 2015 1:21:46 GMT -5
morph: Windows 10 giving anyone else a problem signing in to old web sites? Oct 1, 2015 1:22:19 GMT -5
Freaked out: I need help, I need a doctor in Michigan. I freaking out, my hair is moving and my back has a constant stinging feeling. I know I'm not crazy, a mother wife and business owner. Please respond! Oct 2, 2015 7:44:23 GMT -5
greensun: directed to ----> 'Freaked out' : So far all the information i have come across, there is no true way to fight it. The best thing i can suggest it taking the time out to listen to soothing natural frequencies such as 432 hz , Oct 5, 2015 0:13:09 GMT -5
greensun: Search on soundcloud for 'user5049373' ... they have 2 audio files up that are breathtaking. One is great for the beginning of the day, one is great for winding down. search similar type audio files to find one's more to your personal taste. Enjoy! Oct 5, 2015 0:14:34 GMT -5
not quite insane: Freaked out: Also change the way you eat, add more fruit and veg and try keep body 'Alkaline' keeping body Alkaline is what actually helps your body heal, however it does not happen overnight, took me a year and half-2yrs before hair stopped moving etc etc Oct 5, 2015 16:56:21 GMT -5
not quite insane: Also try get some antibiotics doxycillin being the best but only on a 10 day course, then eat fresh fruit and veg less on meat but also take vitamin C and probiotics as the Antibiotics will also kill the good bacteria, if its doxycillin then def use probio Oct 5, 2015 16:58:21 GMT -5
not quite insane: Also cut down on processed sugar, start using raw sugar or no sugar at all, besides stevia etc - basically again need body to go Alkaline google it, try not to use silver or MMS, MMS made me terrribly sick so doesnt work for everyone, best of luck!! Oct 5, 2015 17:00:06 GMT -5
BEDAMED: You go and do like not quite insane says about antibiotics and you will find soon after you stop the antibiotics things are gonna take off, beware of antibiotics unless you NEED them to cure something they will CURE. Oct 5, 2015 17:24:44 GMT -5
BEDAMED: Sounds like some crazy stuff, crazy stuff, crazy stuff, who wants a big helping of crazy stuff? Oct 5, 2015 17:26:28 GMT -5
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