Joni Mitchell's song about her suffering w/Morgies


morph: Hey ou812, more than likely to keep you from raging the doctor wrote down DOP, not parasitosis, which I can not find as a word, unless he could SEE and diagnose what parasite you may have had, which is usually a pipe dream of the itching afflicted. Jul 3, 2015 9:48:01 GMT -5
morph: Parasites did not turn into some Alfred HitchC O C K movie scenario like THE BIRDS all of a sudden in the 20th century, what did happen is a disease that causes itching and the frantic fantastic rumor mill of those that see itching as bugs happened. Jul 3, 2015 9:50:49 GMT -5 *
morph: Buzzing in the ears, they call that tinnitus, I doubt that any parasite is in the ear canal singing out its mating song, then I have been wrong before, I have this very intense feeling that your going to lament on the horrors of unseen infestations now. Jul 3, 2015 9:54:33 GMT -5
morph: Then as I said, I am not always right, just most of the time, LOL. Don't any one get up to give me a plackard or medal or anything, a home cooked meal will do, I do not go for baubles or trinkets. The quickest way to a mans heart, is not, his chest Jul 3, 2015 9:57:30 GMT -5 *
morph: hmmmmm Jul 3, 2015 10:01:09 GMT -5 *
kitty2014: Hmmmmmm .... if I didn't know you, Morphy ....... I'd be thinkin' you were the biggest, craziest troll ever! Lol! ;) Jul 3, 2015 14:55:13 GMT -5
nanofighter: HI everyone... I am new here but I am looking to help. I have had some experiences which shed light on what you may (and probably are) dealing with. Jul 3, 2015 15:09:25 GMT -5
nanofighter: i am a former investigative reporter who now works intuitively with people to clear them from invading energies, attachments, etc. Recently I have come across several clients who had alien technology inside them in the the form of nanobots. Jul 3, 2015 15:10:51 GMT -5
nanofighter: These made them feel as though they had worms crawling in their heads, etc. I truly believe that Morgollons is a form of alien invasion (I mean what else could it be anyway, right?) You wake up one dau with fiber optics in your body!! Jul 3, 2015 15:11:48 GMT -5
nanofighter: Anyway, I have been successful at getting the aliens to remove these nano-bots from people and I would like to try and see if I can help someone with Morgollons. If nothing else I can see inside the body and see what is going on and what is causing it. Jul 3, 2015 15:12:45 GMT -5
nanofighter: I do not want to charge anyone for this. This is simply an offer to see if i CAN help with this. If anyone wants to try a session with me, you can look me up at I am not promising anything but at least I can look into it for you Jul 3, 2015 15:14:09 GMT -5
nanofighter: I KNOW in my gut this is real and an invasion and i want to do what I can to stop it. <3 Jul 3, 2015 15:14:38 GMT -5
morph: OMG, I have summoned the sumo Walmartian clad in pink spandex and her trusty alien worm destroyer, forgive me lord I know not what I had to doing...will did, Hey Nanofighter, great story, can you set me up with a alien woman. Jul 3, 2015 15:34:34 GMT -5 *
morph: Met a Alien she, had this tail, used it to leap right over me, with little tiny human legs, could not catch this giant red head, she turned, laughed at my folly, she's not very jolly, so never no alien with tail and next time I'm sure not to fail. Jul 3, 2015 15:37:23 GMT -5 *
morph: This reminds me of a very old song, YES, I HAVE NO NANANO, I HAVE NO NANANO TODAY. Slicky boy come, slicky boy steal mind, steal truth, slicky boy no care what do, (:)) LOL. Jul 3, 2015 15:46:34 GMT -5 *
morph: not TROLL, Morph good, give big hug, give big sloppy kiss like dog, good fun, medicine man say, bad talk like buffalo chip in hot sun, start on fire, smell bad, ask Great Spirit help Morph understand woman, spirit say, no can do, up to you!! Jul 3, 2015 15:54:23 GMT -5 *
morph: What I do have in my closet right now, I have a several hundred year old ray gun from the last intergalactic war, and it was working last time I pulled it out, if anyone would like the ray machine you can pick it up as I have no use for it. Jul 4, 2015 14:04:21 GMT -5
morph: By the way its red and chrome, its not like the ugly black earth killing machines, three positions, frizz hair, stun and vaporize, aliens have style, this is todays standard special announcement aimed at nothing, sure not to enlighten. Jul 4, 2015 14:07:31 GMT -5 *
morph: I have a very funny feeling that politically correct sweet talk is way more important than truth to the earth people, they do not want real change, that's painful, want free stuff, fat butt, make big chair feel even better when eating. Jul 4, 2015 14:11:13 GMT -5 *
morph: Careful today, even small explosives can kill, or take out a eye, you may burn down Mr Neighbors house, My neighbors bought $1000 worth of fire starting explosives. I will be out tonight NOT enjoying the fire works, already cleaned the leaves up Jul 4, 2015 16:54:47 GMT -5 *
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