Joni Mitchell's song about her suffering w/Morgies


Mona: I live a rather solitude life. I live alone and work at home. I enjoy my alone time but I do have a close circle of friends. May 11, 2015 19:17:29 GMT -5
Mona: However, since I'm kind of OCD when it comes to cleanliness and personal space, they know my ground rules and don't question them regardless of how stupid it may seem to them. My policy has always been "better safe than sorry." May 11, 2015 19:19:01 GMT -5
Mona: Due to my germ paranoia, my whole life I've taken extreme precautions for germs, diseases, and just cleanliness in general. How did I end up with this? I don't really see my friends any more because I worry I'll pass it on. May 11, 2015 19:23:42 GMT -5
Mona: I've been abstinent my whole life, taken every precaution I could and I still get this? I simply don't understand. The shame and embarrassment is eating me up inside, and I've never even done anything wrong? May 11, 2015 19:29:53 GMT -5
Mona: This is a germaphobe's worst nightmare. Well, this is anyone's worst nightmare. I just can't wrap my head around this. I feel like quarantining myself but I know that's not exactly reasonable. May 11, 2015 19:32:09 GMT -5
Mona: Funny how that works, considering my friends have always joked that I'm unreasonable due to my over cleanliness. And even with that, I still get this. Maybe God is playing a cruel joke on me. Just joking of course. I'm just at a loss for words on this. May 11, 2015 19:37:39 GMT -5
Mona: I hope I haven't come across in a unfavourable manner. My friends joke that I'm like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang. I'm just so lost on this. May 11, 2015 21:12:56 GMT -5
morph: Seems to me you have found no reason to have this disease, so apparently you do not have it, if you have never had sex, never had a operation, NEVER KISSED ANYONE, never had sex, then you were in fact born with this, I now what your spewing, environmental, May 12, 2015 23:08:08 GMT -5
morph: Space wars, Chem trails, aliens, your the same one trying to do the tango on Lymebusters. the 20 TROLL entity. Your just too unreal to be real. I know I know, your flabbergasted and hurt and all that. May 12, 2015 23:10:42 GMT -5 *
morph: Manic cleaning comes from the fear of disease and filth, that is brought on by infections, born with it, caught it, seriously you present overtly odd stuff, NEVER KISSED, LOL, have you ever manicly cleaned a toilet your friends sat on May 12, 2015 23:22:49 GMT -5
Mona: I don't follow? May 12, 2015 23:27:40 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: I found an effective treatment for the fungal infection: KETOCONAZOLE! Fungal infections glow under the black light. The Dr. can find them easy and prescribe the afformentioned! May 13, 2015 17:20:00 GMT -5
not quite insane: Mona: I had OCD before I caught morgs, funny enough the morgs cured my OCD - after washing my arm of debris that would never stop, as in I could wash my arm for 10+hours and debris would keep coming out alas my OCD meant nothing in the end morgs is worser. May 16, 2015 2:45:51 GMT -5
llm: Help !! Is there anyone out there that knows how to get rid of the long fibers they are driving me crazy , nothing seems to work and nothing seems to cut them. Please help May 20, 2015 1:53:04 GMT -5
kitty2014: Hi Morph ....... just happy you were getting a good response rather than the one you normally encourage! Lol! Hey, I caught Herpes off my ex-husband! And he had Scabies years before, but I suspect it was MD now I'm a little wiser on the subject! May 23, 2015 19:38:21 GMT -5
kitty2014: Mona - anyone can get this - fibre's, fungi/mould spores and Morph's mentioned nuts are everywhere (I live in UK)and dodgy ingredients/chemicals in food don't help! Just concentrate on diet, supplementation and rest! Immune system needs good support! May 23, 2015 19:42:35 GMT -5
kitty2014: llm - sorry, I'm still no wiser! I can't even grab hold of the bastards in/on my eyes, so hope you find an answer somewhere! Other than that, hope you're ok and being good with your diet etc!? :) May 23, 2015 19:45:17 GMT -5
morph: Kitty2014, people should come with a tattoo, NO CODDLING, ESPECIALLY ALIENS, trying to discourage angry discourse and engage in conversation, some day I may learn how, until then yours truly, Just Can't git right, Morph May 24, 2015 2:29:39 GMT -5
kimberly327: My "hair" is depressing me so much over the past few days. It's constantly twisting and moving. I wish more people would educate themselves about morgellons. I can't get any of my family to listen to me because it's "gross" May 27, 2015 12:13:45 GMT -5
kimberly327: My Mother and psychiatrist have seen the hair acting like snakes. They've seen some of the peculiar things that randomly comes out of skin,eyes,etc. Yet neither of them seems to want to know more. It's maddening. May 27, 2015 12:21:32 GMT -5
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