Chemtrails and Morgellons


Life lesson: This disease is producing the mentally incompetent in droves. They would be excellent soldiers, show them the enemy, give them speed and send them out, ahhh, sort of like the police, no training needed! Feb 4, 2016 8:58:38 GMT -5
Life lesson: You can not blame the police, its a hard job, 75% of them have to be compromised, imagine shooting a man that's raging 16 times, jumping on the hood of a stopped car and killing unarmed passenger and driver, something wrong with that Feb 4, 2016 9:01:52 GMT -5
Life lesson: If you want to destroy the enemy with cheap destructors, give compromised women and youth F-150 and SUV, of course speed and let them lead the charge, maniacs have a use, they can be used to kill without feeling. Feb 4, 2016 9:05:10 GMT -5
Life lesson: In a civilized society there are perfectly good excuses, what happened, well this car was driving slow and I was being held up so I drove over his car, police officer, I understand, want to go out, let me give that slow driver a ticket, LOL Feb 4, 2016 9:08:10 GMT -5
Admin: We are not in a civilized society; if we were this board would not exist in the capacity it has. Understand that many a Morgie has been locked up because they are ill. One guy in England had to stab himself where the pain was so severe to get physical Feb 4, 2016 9:12:06 GMT -5
Life lesson: Good morning Admin, I remember his case, then they put him in the looney bin. Feb 4, 2016 9:21:46 GMT -5
Admin: assistance. The operation was done and there was a blockage; he was fixed (if he wouldn't have done that he would have died). Then through the good graces of the EU society he was locked in a mental institution. Go figure. Feb 4, 2016 10:18:12 GMT -5
Admin: that is absolutely correct life lesson Feb 4, 2016 10:18:33 GMT -5
Admin: kind of slow on the draw, apolgies Feb 4, 2016 10:19:06 GMT -5
Admin: So from one tale you make a judgement call of no hope; guess that is up to you. One extreme to the other sort of bipolar which fits some of the first aspects of this condition Lyme/Morgellons whatever. Make it a nice day ! Feb 5, 2016 11:04:45 GMT -5 *
Nirvana : Buddha, was a prince before he choose a life of poverty, trials and tribulation, those he sought out as teacher had no answers, the meaning of life, is inside us, Buddha ascended as the story is told, Feb 5, 2016 13:46:33 GMT -5
Nirvana : Buddha said he was not special or a god, he was a man that took the time to find the way to be part of everything, a part of all life. reading a bit of his story is uplifting, his words focus on uplifting and what is relative. Read some of it. Feb 5, 2016 13:50:51 GMT -5
Nirvana: Most would be certain this quip is not about Buddha being a deity, Buddha himself said so, it seems he was a very wise man maybe a prophet sent to save souls, certainly a man of higher learning above those that teach. Feb 7, 2016 9:14:58 GMT -5
Nirvana: Some would wonder how does the student surpass the teacher, deeper thought with more imput, sort of the kind a man would accumulate over his lifetime when all he thinks about EVERYDAY when his life is changed by disease. Feb 7, 2016 9:21:37 GMT -5
Nirvana: He has information nobody else is paying attention to, he knows the onslaught of symptoms, he knows his bodys failures explained away by doctors of low intellect, his first clue, the disease that changed him completly Feb 7, 2016 9:23:32 GMT -5
Nirvana: His second clue, changing diagnosis and drugs from 50 doctors, FRAUD and stupidity fill my mind, this disease deadly to some is random in its symptoms, the pharmaceutical industry capitalizing on the fact that scientists do not see a common thread Feb 7, 2016 9:29:03 GMT -5
Sterling: I am so happy I have found this place. God bless each and every one of you. Spite these things. Feel JOY. FEEL it. Feb 8, 2016 18:26:42 GMT -5
Thunderstruck : I just want to share what seems to be working very very well for me out of desperation I used Sally Hansen facial hair remover cream on my arm which was a very very bad then the next morning I think coat of Aquaphorthen covered with gauze then wrap and a n Feb 10, 2016 22:54:15 GMT -5
Thunderstruck : My apologies. Hard to understand what I wrote. Hair remover. Then aquaphor and bandage. Keep this up until it has all come out. Only use hair remover every three to four days. The aquaphor and bandage softens it so it don't feel like razor blades coming ou Feb 10, 2016 23:11:43 GMT -5
Thunderstruck : I had also started drinking two tablespoons of unpasteurized Apple cider vinegar daily and that started the process between that and the aquaphor and bandages. I see a big light at the end of the tunnel Feb 10, 2016 23:13:08 GMT -5
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