Nanobacteria--Is Why Dr. Wymore noted Chlamydia?


kitty2014: Sorry, Mostly Cured - looked at loads of doc's and there's nothing to suggest why your lesions would have turned green! My conclusion would be that it'd either be the bio-film coming to the surface (which is fab) or the wasabi, which is green in colour!? Nov 21, 2014 18:19:39 GMT -5
kitty2014: Maybe it's worth a try though!? ........... Good luck!!! Nov 21, 2014 18:20:37 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: I am rapidly running out of lesions to test but I'm going to eat some more wasabi cheese anyway!!! Nov 22, 2014 13:16:42 GMT -5
kitty2014: Fantastic you've hardly got any, but I suppose if you can afford some cheese etc, then go for it! I haven't got a clue what it's like, but I bet it's expensive!? Let me know if you try it and it works, please! Nov 23, 2014 4:42:02 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: kitty2014, Thank you for your time and research. It is helping people! Nov 24, 2014 11:53:36 GMT -5
kitty2014: Orh, thank you! Bless you! You are more than welcome! .... You are too!!! ....... We all are!!! (Well, apart from the kno8head's who spout $hite and ridicule us!) Nov 24, 2014 18:41:20 GMT -5
not quite insane: I havent tried wasabi, must try that though thanks for headsup atm im only using cellfood and vitamin c but every couple of days, usually if I wash my hands with antibacterial liquid after drying all the nano fibres start coming out atm theyre not?? Nov 25, 2014 15:45:23 GMT -5
not quite insane: So I am wondering whether I am between some sort of cycle or not as there has been no sign of the clear fibres for a month now, though the larvae/eggs still showup embedded in my skin but only just sparingly I know the cellfood is working for me atm.. Nov 25, 2014 15:47:23 GMT -5
not quite insane: I read recently that a guy with morgs thinks hes cured as he got into a domestic and was tasered by the police, he said he had a million popping sounds all over his body and temp went up 100% had to use a water hose, anyway dont try that as could be phony Nov 25, 2014 15:50:06 GMT -5
llm: Please help anyone I have long long what I think is hair but it's not all over my body and I try to cut it it won't cut I try to pull it just stretches it gets longer and longer, I tried to burn it with a lighter it won't even burn , it's growing out my ea Nov 25, 2014 20:05:30 GMT -5
llm: it's growing out my nose ears and worst of all my mouth nobody sees it but I know it's there do I have this disease is anybody else have the symptoms Nov 25, 2014 20:06:42 GMT -5
llm: And that hairs are all over the walls in the house and nobody sees them but me help anybody I'm desperate I feel like I'm going nuts Nov 25, 2014 20:13:46 GMT -5
kitty2014: Oh good, Not quite insane; hope it works!? You're welcome! Let me know how you go, please! What's cell food? Vit c is good and I would recommend taking it every day along with other vit's! You could message me and I'll give you lots of ideas, if you like!? Nov 25, 2014 20:32:41 GMT -5
kitty2014: I don't want Mostly Cured to miss my reply, as once it's gone off here, that's it! Lol! Don't know about your cycle or not etc - sorry! Enjoy the fibre break! Lol! Yeah, I get eggs/larvae too! Still see fibres but not sure if from me or air etc!? Nov 25, 2014 20:38:28 GMT -5
kitty2014: Yeah, could go with the taser theory! Don't worry, I won't try it! Lol! You can electrocute 'em but it's a bit risky! Some have good results with big magnets too! Nov 25, 2014 20:44:28 GMT -5
kitty2014: llm - if you are serious, message me on my profile! I have the hairs too, in places, so I know how desperate you must be! Nov 25, 2014 20:48:26 GMT -5
swordofthespirit: Please help as I can clearly SEE thousands of hairs curling on my head and appearing to eat off my flesh. God Bless Us All! Have thousands of photo proff but no one will care help or listen I am a christian man who lives accordingly. HELP PLZ Nov 26, 2014 12:19:02 GMT -5 *
Mostly Cured: Spirit, Buy Odo Ban, for surface cleaning. Hand sanitizer and sea salt for washing. DMSO, and Benzalkonium Chloride for external treatment; 1Tblsp. DMSO, 10 sdmall drops of Benzalkonium Chloride apply externally only. Do not put it in your eyes. Nov 26, 2014 12:36:44 GMT -5
Mostly Cured: Eat a healthy diet including brown mustard. Drink a cup of warm water and baking soda. Quit drugs, Take vitamins. Hang in there! Nov 26, 2014 12:39:25 GMT -5
kitty2014: Mostly Cured - would that external concoction work on all hair? Also, in your cup of warm water, how much b/soda? Nov 26, 2014 15:38:36 GMT -5
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