Divine Skin Creme or DSP really is miraculous


jmurphree: Kitty you should share what you sent me with others on here inside a thread, all this material is both helpful and informative! In the meantime I guess I'm "special" :P Aug 27, 2014 8:51:18 GMT -5
kitty2014: Lol! You certainly are, J! Tried to help a couple already, but no luck, I'm afraid! Did think it was because I'm English and or newly self-diagnosed, ....... but obviously that didn't put you off, so thanks for your belief! :) Aug 27, 2014 17:42:14 GMT -5
kitty2014: When I gather more research and try more methods myself, then maybe I will create a thread!? Been thinkin' about it for a while, but due to lack of interest on my advice, didn't know if I'd be wastin' my time!? Aug 27, 2014 17:46:01 GMT -5
jmurphree: Kitty "If you build it, they will come" Aug 28, 2014 15:32:48 GMT -5
kitty2014: ... In my dreams! ;) Lol! Build what ........ The field of Morgellons sufferers'!? ...... We'll see!!!??? Aug 28, 2014 16:12:39 GMT -5
jmurphree: PH Appropriate Certified - and other great things ;) Aug 30, 2014 6:40:35 GMT -5
gypsy12: Hi guys, still not sure what shout box is, so sorry if this is the wrong place to post ...two questions: Aug 30, 2014 12:23:10 GMT -5
gypsy12: 1.) Can fibers/fuzzies/any other materials re-enter? or do you think that once they are out, they are out? Aug 30, 2014 12:24:13 GMT -5
gypsy12: 2.) i'm thinking about making some DIY vit C serum or lotion...or am open to any made at home product actually...have you done this or know anyone has and had advice on recipes? just something I can leave on my skin after bath to help with extractions :-* Aug 30, 2014 12:27:50 GMT -5
kitty2014: J - Lol! And thanks! :) Gypsy - "Shout box" is just like a page of chat! And, not sure on all your re-entry questions! I know fibres can bite and get in, through exp and fuzz balls are supposedly what's left after entry but not sure as fuzz itself is a Aug 30, 2014 18:26:57 GMT -5
kitty2014: fungi! Well, we get newly or reinfected, so I s'pose it's possible some could and very likely! Vit c's better in your body as far as I can gather! Tea-tree oil's very good for skin, but for extracting, you can just use moisturiser! Aug 30, 2014 18:34:02 GMT -5
jmurphree: kitty2014 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 8-) 8-| (:)) (rofl) ;-| :P Sept 1, 2014 0:54:28 GMT -5 *
gypsy12: thanks kitty :) ive had luck with good old fashioned petroleum jelly as moisturizer and with it providing extractions...then I heard that is what they're drawn to in order to procreate--er...reproduce...you know what I mean...I'm guessing that is untrue? Sept 2, 2014 11:17:08 GMT -5
gypsy12: do you always remove items with tweezers, never with your hand? Sept 2, 2014 11:17:56 GMT -5
jmurphree: gypsy I use fingernail clippers, they are mostly white stalks that "unplug" when I get a good lock on them and pull out. There are sometimes large tumorous masses that are covered by a dark transparent membrane. I use the clippers to lance the membrane, Sept 2, 2014 17:31:21 GMT -5 *
jmurphree: grab the white mass underneath and by squeezing the area like a pimple it usually pops out leaving a recess. Usually the affected area grows stalks and masses again within a couple weeks. Sept 2, 2014 17:33:51 GMT -5
jmurphree: I just pulled a bit of silicone like hard plastic/glass out of a lesion resting on the knuckle of my index toe. Sept 2, 2014 17:34:56 GMT -5
kitty2014: J - thanks everso - sorry I didn't see it yesterday!!! Hope you're ok and improving - been worrying about ya! :) Sept 2, 2014 21:52:22 GMT -5
kitty2014: Gypsy - you're welcome! From what I can gather, from my extensive research, the petroleum jelly suffocates them, so I s'pose it's been working for you, as they have to come right to the surface in order to breathe!? Apparently their breathing tube just Sept 2, 2014 21:57:36 GMT -5
kitty2014: sticks out of the skin surface!? The only time I see anything like that is the rare times when they come out of my freakles, but no way I'm gonna try grabbing them as supposedly, it makes them mad and makes them procreate more!? Yuch! Lol! Sept 2, 2014 22:00:26 GMT -5
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