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alexnyc: The thing with that is getting doctors to believe and prescribe it to you. I'm at the stage/point where I don't deal with doctors anymore and just try to find a cure myself with alternative treatments. Jun 6, 2014 5:56:19 GMT -5
alexnyc: I can see a treatment is working whenever i see my skin/soft tissues hardening (especially in my thighs). I witnessed this very thing right before my cure and all symptoms including the chronic fatigue syndrome went away. Jun 6, 2014 6:00:16 GMT -5
alexnyc: here is a person who mentions the skin issues: Jun 6, 2014 6:06:07 GMT -5
morgue ellen: tell ur bugs my bugs say "hi" Jun 17, 2014 22:07:40 GMT -5
Nosyla: The key people is to attack it from all angles! The best way to heal yourself is to look up Lyme disease protocal and follow one that will work for you! My lesions are now healed for a year. They were open active and weeping for 2 years. My fatigue is Jun 18, 2014 12:31:58 GMT -5
Nosyla: In check now since I completely changed my diet.. No gluten, dairy or sugar.. It was hard for the first 2 weeks but now I am feeling so much better that I don't even want the other foods I'm used to cause I don't want to feel that bad ever again! A strong Jun 18, 2014 12:34:24 GMT -5
Nosyla: detox is key at the beginning but My lesions did not begin to close up until I took antibiotics and antifungals.. I found them online without a rx. I did so many things when I was super ill.. Essential oils have been the greatest mental assist for me Jun 18, 2014 12:40:05 GMT -5
Nosyla: if Anyone needs me to walk them through getting better my email is Jun 18, 2014 12:40:40 GMT -5
hippiegrl: I'd be interested in talking to u regarding old posts about leprosy. I thought I was the only one who believes this is related to leprosy. Interestingly, some primates carry m. Leprae. Jun 30, 2014 22:49:58 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: You came here in June, maybe you still visit. Jul 3, 2014 20:38:56 GMT -5
kitty2014: Is that for me Baraka? If so, just come on again! Not being able to write more than a few lines at a time p's me off, so not inclined to visit! Thanks, anyway! Jul 3, 2014 23:47:43 GMT -5 *
kitty2014: jays46, I am from Grimsby, if you're interested and still come on here!? Jul 4, 2014 5:57:12 GMT -5
kitty2014: By the way, Baraka - all up and running now, at last! Thanks! And, thanks Admin, even though it's taken forever! Lol! ;P Jul 4, 2014 5:59:15 GMT -5
DiseasedKid: Hi there everyone, I have recently suspected that I have contracted a strange anomaly that is effecting my mind and body severely. I'm not so sure I want to call it Morgellon's just yet. But I had sexual contact with a partner and after being with this par Jul 22, 2014 5:20:27 GMT -5
DiseasedKid: partner I contracted lesions in my groin area that spread to my fingers and wrists after about 2 weeks of being sexually active with this partner. At first I thought it was scabies, so I went to the clinic and got prescribed Permethrin Cream to use on my Jul 22, 2014 5:22:20 GMT -5
DiseasedKid: entire body. The lesions in my groin area went away but then a few different one's came up around the same area. Once I used the cream again, they went away but came back slightly with lots of itching now. My face is now extremely itchy and I have to Jul 22, 2014 5:24:07 GMT -5
DiseasedKid: scratch it or else its very uncomfortable. Hydroxyzine helps with the itching. I can see the condition spreading to my face and I can see a glowing increasing redness. I don't have health insurance so there is no hope of seeing a doctor Jul 22, 2014 5:30:15 GMT -5
DiseasedKid: I am only 21 years old and have had extensive use of psychedelics and pot. I no longer smoke or use psychedelics but I need help. Jul 22, 2014 5:31:30 GMT -5
DiseasedKid: I am 21 years old and I also have friends who may be affected but are in a extreme form of denial Jul 22, 2014 5:34:22 GMT -5
DiseasedKid: I am also getting some extreme headaches, eyes are twitching and eye brows as well. My forehead hurts and I am irritable and unhappy and I also have thoughts about death and leaving my flesh. Jul 22, 2014 5:36:04 GMT -5
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