Morgellons Hair Loss


lin52: I see that some of you are taking antibiotics. Have you seem improvement while on them? Aug 11, 2014 20:39:05 GMT -5
jmurphree: lin yes, antibiotics do ease the symptoms and I can first hand tell you it does feel like needles Aug 11, 2014 22:48:01 GMT -5
jmurphree: It breaks my heart to hear that your doctor, your doctor would do something so cruel as to refer your husband to a psychiatrist when clearly this is a biological affliction. Please let him know that yall have the choice to go see someone else Aug 11, 2014 22:49:34 GMT -5
jmurphree: and hopefully that inspires him. You guys are not alone and each one of us on this website have gone through the same ordeal every time we go see a doctor for a cure. Don't be discouraged - there are doctors that will treat him right. There are. Aug 11, 2014 22:52:37 GMT -5
jmurphree: I almost don't want to suggest this however it may be the only way he can get real treatment - go to an ER of a Christian hospital. I say I don't want to suggest that because of the expense, however he may be able to get antibiotics right away Aug 11, 2014 22:55:56 GMT -5
jmurphree: I say Christian hospital because here in town between the two, St. Hospital and City Hospital, the St. Hospital seemed to take me seriously. Aug 11, 2014 22:57:03 GMT -5
holyjoke: The that delivered my three miracles saw me when so sick with morg that my kidneys failed and sent me on my merry way. I was home two days still in the same clothes and my coat on in my Kitchen and haden't a clue how I got there. Aug 12, 2014 21:49:14 GMT -5
holyjoke: Oh I forgot to mention MY DAUGHTER WAS MY NURSE!!!!!Caring doctors are rare!!!! Aug 12, 2014 21:51:18 GMT -5
kitty2014: Orh, bless ya, holyjoke! I get ya! I haven't been as bad as that and I hope I don't! Hope you're ok now and gettin' there, with your recovery! :) Aug 12, 2014 23:46:00 GMT -5
jmurphree: Has anyone managed to utilize this to get treatment: Aug 16, 2014 23:36:23 GMT -5 *
jmurphree: I'm going to take it into the ER tomorrow Aug 16, 2014 23:36:49 GMT -5
phantasm: the real cure for morgellons (bartonelosis) is here Aug 19, 2014 19:41:18 GMT -5
jmurphree: Aug 20, 2014 7:49:30 GMT -5 *
jmurphree: Phantasm, you said you went to California and the doctor you saw diagnosed you with: Granlomatous Perforating Skin Disorder Aug 20, 2014 7:53:35 GMT -5
jmurphree: Who is the doctor so some of us can go see him/her? Aug 20, 2014 7:53:51 GMT -5
Desperate: Is anyone up suffering like me? Aug 22, 2014 2:31:49 GMT -5
gypsy12: Intermittently. U ok? Aug 22, 2014 3:20:21 GMT -5
kitty2014: Gypsy, tried to message you the other night, but it wouldn't have it! Those "twinkles" you speak of - they're not good! Makes you known to other parasites/pathogens so they can get you! Get a solution of 100% sea salt in boiling water and wipe them away! Aug 22, 2014 5:01:39 GMT -5
kitty2014: You might wanna let it cool, but as long as you use boiled water, that's ok! To be sure you're gettin' rid of 'em - put the tissue in the crapper pan! I think you saw them after your healing session, it probably fetched them to the surface! Praise the lord Aug 22, 2014 5:04:22 GMT -5
gypsy12: Thanks Kitty I actually saw the fluorescent twinkling lights before the theta healer. And after the healer I was covered in like a golden pink kind of shimmery dust almost like I saw the sparkles all over my whole body is actually kind of refreshing Aug 22, 2014 5:18:28 GMT -5
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